Property Management

Welcome to Massanutten Vacations, the leading, premier vacation rental and management company in Elkton since 2006! We understand rental vacation properties are more than a home away from home, they are also an investment, so we have employed local, well-versed staff who have more than a decade of experience and who specialize on the ongoings of Massanutten Resort.

*Please note, our company does not work for or with Massanutten Resort.

Below we have compiled a list of the most important services Massanutten Vacations’ staff do to ensure your rental property is well maintained and well rented, all while keeping your responsibilities minimal:

  • We have local contacts for HVAC, electrical work, and pest control. We keep maintenance and lawn care providers on hand for all our properties. These companies are licensed and insured.
  • Create seasonal rates based on past occupancy reports and use dynamic pricing tools to monitor the demand and rental specs.
  • Recommend and help coordinate periodic furnishing and amenity upgrades.
  • Market on websites like Air BnB, VRBO, and our own, (
  • Handle all interactions with guests. This includes answering general questions about the area or the booking process, answering phone calls, payments, responding to inquiries and 24/7 booking requests.
  • our staff is local and can help when emergencies or normal plumbing, heating/cooling, electrical issues arise.
  • Have a large, repeat renter base
  • Facilitate check in and out.
  • Run monthly and quarterly reports. We can also run tax reports and pay them on your behalf.
  • Ensure each renter is 25 years old, collect their I.D., and a signed, dated lease agreement.
  • Offer competitive commission rates.
  • Have housekeeping staff ensuring your home is cleaned and well maintained

Thank you for the opportunity to manage your vacation home! We look forward to “meeting” you!

Call (540) 289-1500 or email with any questions or concerns!